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Press Release

October 2, 2015


San Diego, California


The Leather Cares Coalition is very pleased to announce that we have conveyed and passed interest of the monetary assets of the Leather Cares Help Fund to the Leather Heart Foundation, Inc.

The Leather Heart Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization established in 2009 whose mission is to provide charitable assistance in times of financial hardship to individuals of all sexual orientations in the Leather, BDSM, M/s and fetish communities.

Closing the Leather Cares Help Fund and conveying the assets of the fund to the national Leather Heart Foundation organization enables applicants’ access to greater resources for necessary needs in higher dollar amounts than our local fund, with its limited resources, was able to provide. The local Leather Cares Help Fund model was a mirror of the Leather Heart Foundation, Inc. and the requirements for application and supportive documentation are exactly the same. Applications can be made via www.leatherheart.org.

I have had the privilege of working very closely with the Leather Heart Foundation over a number of years and fully endorse their strict attention to their obligation to uphold best business practice, the highest security and impeccable integrity in the handling of community assets.

We thank The Leather Foundation (an entity completely separate from the Leather Heart Foundation, Inc.) who had previously served to provide 501c3 status and banking/checking for the Leather Cares Help fund until its closure.

I hope you will continue to provide the same generous level of support for the Leather Heart Foundation as you did for our local Leather Cares Help Fund as we all continue the work of supporting our own in times of need, both locally and across the country.

I remain eternally grateful to every person who supported the Leather Cares Help Fund and I am available for any questions.

In Leather…with Love,

“Wish” Linda Fisher
Leather Cares Coalition